Global Card Issuing and Processing Engine

HUBUC’s legacy product HUBUC Core comes with a suite of web dashboards, for both Admins and Cardholders. These are very advanced control panels, and an excellent showcase of a full implementation of the extensive API set we provide to our BaaS (Banking as a Service) customers.

Then, we launched HUBUC P1, the revolutionary issuing processor, a Mastercard-certified platform that makes card issuing easier than ever. This new focus on card management comes with different tasks and priorities, so we decided to start fresh, with “Project Ditto”:

  • a modern user interface, for both mobile and desktop devices
  • streamlined workflows for Program Managers and Business Owners
  • new tech stacks, both on the server and on the browser side
  • stronger integration with both HUBUC’s ecosystem and our customer’s platforms

You can already try some of the new Dashboard features in the Playground

We continue to adapt more features for public availability in the Playground over the coming weeks.